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testimonies of people who had supernatural miracles.

Send us your miracle or dream or vision and we will share it.  E mail mcpnersondon@yahoo.com

this site is here to glorify the Lord Jesus, and to share miracles and supernatural things, that happen to people.

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I was talking to a lady one day and she said she could not see at night, because of her eyes ,she said she had caterracts in them, so i said lets pray and we did , then the next morning she called me and said the eye doctor said for some reason her eyes were fine, 20 20 vision. praise God!

One day i was driving to town and stoped at ege of driveway getting ready to pull out on main road, i looked both ways and pulled out, but after i pulled out i was blocking both lanes, i saw car lights, right at my pasenger side door, i thought this is it, i am gone , but i saw the car go right through mine and nothing happened. after i calm down i realised it was a miracle. praise the Lord!

One evening while praising the Lord, i ask the Lord about something, i needed to know, then i started to feel heat on my head going down my body, it felt like hot honey, but wonderful, i could not move, then i saw the Lord Jesus walk to me and take his hand and touch my head, and say, it is i who anoint from on high, and tell me that he has called me, to do his work on earth. To warn people that He is coming soon and to repent and turn back to Him. when i saw him i could not see his face because of the great light from Him. If you will seek Him He wiil visit you in some way ,and give you peace.

O,ne day i was praying, before i left the house ,i ask the Lord what do you want me to do today , then i headed out to go workout at the gym, but on the way the Lord spoke to me and said he wanted me to go up to this house to talk to them. i said ok , i will go later , but i forgot to go by, So the next day i did the same thing and the lord reminded me to go by and talk to them , but again i putt off going , So the third day i prayed and left to go to the gym and when i was going by the house the Lord said, i told you to go to that house so i turned around and went to that house When i went to the door, i said God told me to come by here, the women fel to the ground crying, she told me that she had fell away from the Lord and became a alcolic, but she repented and came back to the Lord. she told me that she prayed that if God forgave her, to send someone by to conferm it. She said i prayed the first day no one came then the next but still no one came, so i said if no one comes the third day i will just take my life, but i obeyed the voice of the Lord and she got her answer from the Lord. So please obey the voice of the Lord.